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Yuliya Hilevych

Photo Hilevych
Guest Researcher

Coordonnées professionnelles

Radboud Universiteit
Department of Economic, Social and
Demographic History
Faculty of Arts
Comeniuslaan, 4
6525 HP Nijmegen
The Netherlands

+31 644190804

Yuliya Hilevych MA (1988) is a Guest Researcher in the Department of Economic, Social and Demographic History and a PhD student in Sociology of Consumption and Households Group, Wageningen University. Yuliya has published in the international peer-reviewed journals, such as Continuity and Change and The History of the Family, and she is also one of the invited guest editors in The History of the Family in 2015.

During her stay at Radboud University, Yuliya will be finalising her PhD thesis entitled ‘Strong Families and Declining Fertility: a Comparative Study of Family Relations and Reproductive Careers in Soviet Ukraine’. She is also working on a comparative analysis of parenthood practices in Eastern Europe (Ukraine) and Western Europe (Switzerland) during the baby bust (with dr. Caroline Rusterholz, Birkbeck, University of London), and on applying Foucauldian governmentality framework to study medicalization of reproductive and infant health in the Soviet Union (with dr. Chizu Sato, Wageningen University; dr. Gabor Szegedi, Central European University).

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