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Turo-Kimmo Lehtonen

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Institution(s) de rattachement : Université de Tampere

Coordonnées professionnelles

University of Tampere
School of Social Sciences and Humanities
Kalevantie 4,
33100 Tampere

50 318 7312

Turo-Kimmo Lehtonen is professor of sociology at the University of Tampere since 2012. His previous appointments include the posts as fellow (2005-2009; 2012-2014) and as the deputy director (2013-2014) at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, and as professor of sociology at the University of Helsinki (2009-2012).

Lehtonen’s orientation to social sciences is that of conceptually informed empiricism. This implies posing basic questions of social philosophy in research sites provided by empirical case studies; another name for this approach is doing ‘fieldwork in philosophy’. His main interest areas have been the sociology of insurance, risk and uncertainty; science and technology studies; economic sociology; the sociology of consumption and social theory.  

Lehtonen’s present work centres on three topic areas. First, he works on the management of uncertainty and on the uses of financial technologies. Especially, he has examined how life, health and death are commodified in the contemporary practices of insurance, and how the dynamic relationship between social security and markets shapes the conditions of existence for people. Related to the theme area of risk, uncertainty, insurance and welfare, Lehtonen leads the research team Insurance and the problem of insecurity (Academy of Finland, 2015–2018). Previous externally funded research projects directed by him include Managing insecurities: risk and technologies of welfare (Academy of Finland, 2009–2011) and Family, security, and the ethos of welfare (The University of Helsinki Three Year Research Funding, 2006–2009).

Second, Lehtonen is involved in a new project on waste and society. He participates in a research team, directed by Professor Jarno Valkonen (University of Lapland), that examines how waste and waste management condition the present day western societies’ way of life. Lehtonen’s own case study, developed jointly with Professor Olli Pyyhtinen (University of Tampere), analyses freeganism and dumpster diving, that is, practices of acquiring food stuffs from trash bins. As an alternative way of life, freeganism brings very clearly to the fore contemporary ideals and practices related to consumption, food, cleanliness, gift giving, proprietary rights and waste management.  

Finally, Lehtonen’s theoretical work addresses, from many angles, the basic question concerning the nature of collectives. He has published a monograph in Finnish on the theme of materiality and social sciences (Aineellinen yhteisö, in English The material community, Tutkijaliitto 2008). In addition, he has published studies on authors such as Georg Simmel, Bruno Latour, Michel Serres, Gilles Deleuze and Ian Hacking, among others.

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